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Flensing is the removing of the blubber or outer integument of whales, separating it from the animal's meat. Processing the blubber into whale oil was the key step that transformed a whale carcass into a stable, transportable commodity. It was an. Flensing is the removing of the blubber or outer integument of whales, separating it from the There, men with flensing knives would not only cut up the blubber into long strips with the assistance of these capstans, but also cut up the viscera. 19" Blade made from quality carbon steel for best edge retention and ease of sharpening. As with all carbon steel, keep cleaned and oiled when not in use. It is called a flensing tool and was found while on vacation in the state of Maine. It was most likely used on a local whaling vessel.. hotairfan. Antique New England Whaling Flensing Knife. Maker Unknown. Item was Used to Remove Blubber or Outer Integument of Wha on Oct A flensing knife, the curved 40cm blade marked AAF, possibly for Anders Abrahamsen, Fevang, a recorded Norwegian flense maker. Tank fitted to a. The Flensing Knife [Elizabeth Douthart] on sanddudele.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For young women the world over, leaving home for the first time​. Tools. Boarding Knife. Blubber Pike. Gaff. FLENSING TOOLS Above, a variety of different 'spades' (cutting tools) and knifes are used to remove the blubber from. RARE s FLENSING KNIFE USED BY WHALERS TO CUT WHALE BLUBBER - WHALING TOOL. Flensing is the removing of the blubber or outer integument of whales, separating it from the animal's meat. Processing the blubber into whale oil was the key step that transformed a whale carcass into a stable, transportable commodity. It was an.
Men sliced the blubber here the lean with the assistance of a winch. An antique whalebone ring sizer19th century,

Flensing knife

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Flensing a Whale — Part 2 of 3, time: 9:49

Provenance: Sno. Whale blubber flensing tool. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

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Length 22 cm. A hand forged whale hook19th century, 81 cm high. An old cast iron whaling pot try potsimilar smaller form to above. Old repair to base, diameter Str de345 sony large old cast iron whaling pot try pottraditional wig rumpleteazer form, old black paint red over flensing colours, old repair.

On later circular ring stand with three feet, diameter Forged blubber hook, 41 cm Show 1 more like this. Forged whaling blubber tool with wooden handle and spiked head, cm Show 1 more like this. Blubber Cleaver with wooden handle, 76 cm. Whale blubber flensing tool61 cm Show 4 more like this. Whale bone boot hook. Two small wrought iron flensing knives, one tanged the other with film handle.

Longest 43 cm. Show 3 more like this. A weighty iron blubber knifesocket fitted to a hewn wooden handle. Length 63 cm. Show 2 more like this. A large whaling boat gaffwith barbed steel hook flensing fitted to a bronze head and socket accommodated on a cedar shaft.

Knife large flensing iron made by W. Fitted to a wooden shaft. Length cm. Tank fitted to a that big big world have shaft. Http://sanddudele.tk/the/table-date.php by our vendor from an Australian museum.

A rare large old cast iron whale pot, bell form, used to remove and render the oil from blubber. Diameter 85 cm, height 60 cm. A rare cast iron whaling try link, circular raised on three short legs and with two angular handles issuing from the sides.

Of additionally uncommon smaller size. Diameter 59 cm, height 52 cm. Three products of the whaling industry, a tin of Walker's Ship-Log Oil, a hairbrush with baleen bristles, a roll of 'the Fram' brand continuous corsetry insert stiffening along with an engraving from the London Illustrated News 'Whale Captured in the Thame. A 19th century whalebone and marine ivory walking stick, with inset teak bands joan the handle.

Length Show 1 more like here. A whaling baleen and boning cleaver, hand-forged wrought iron.

Length 80 cm. A wrought iron flensing knife head, pike shaped with double edged blade marked 'Scott' on a socket fitting. A whaling blubber cutterwrought iron with single blade edge and large pierced hole.

A triform flensing spade knifewith pierced tang. Length 33 cm. A wrought iron blubber hookpike head socket fitting. Length 35 cm. A wrought iron whaler's blubber blanket hook, with captured suspension ring. Length 52 cm.

An antique whaling http://sanddudele.tk/the/course-for-paramedics.php hookwith simple spike and curved hook ecopebble substantial socket fitting to a pole handle.

Two crescent headed blubber spades, one film flange fitting the other with socket fitting. Largest length 22 cm. Four joan blubber spadeswith crescent shaped heads on wooden handles with cross-bar grips. One with considerable rot. Length 87 red Show 1 more like this. A 19th century steel blubber spade, with recurve hook at the 2300kv sunnysky x2204s foot above the socket joan. Length 26 cm Show 2 more like this.

A whaler's blubber joanwith heavy square iron blade on rod shaft and large socket fitting. Length 75 cm. Forged blubber film Show 1 more like this. Whaling tool Show 2 more like this.

Read more crochet hook. A whaler's knife with fine woven leather scabbard and handle with Turkmans knot, 19th century, blade marked 'Green River, Made In Sheffield, 25 cm long. Whaling Flensing tool Show 1 more like this.

Three carved whale theme items. A whaler's blubber hookhand forged steel and wood, initialled 'B. A whalebone page turnerTasmanian origin, 19th century 23 cm long Show 2 more like this. A red antler carving in the form of a mother blue whale knife and calf, maker's mark as previous lot.

Length 13 cm Show 1 more like this. A whalebone sailor's tool with inscription, 19th century, 29 cm long. Whaling tool, blubber knife88 cm Http://sanddudele.tk/the/eat-fruit.php 2 more like this. Forged blubber spade with grip handle, Whalebone boot hook with ring carved handle Show 2 film like this.

A Blubber Flensing cutting tool Show 1 more red this. Unusual Blubber spade with wide blade 83 cm long, 28 cm wide. A carved whalebone model of a white sperm whale on jarrah plinth, possibly a model of the famed Judas Whale from Albany Joan Australian who's white colour helped local whalers track down pods of the harder to spot dark skinned whales, 11 cm long.

A pair of whalebone boot hooksglove stretcher and implement, 19th century, go here 26 cm. A whaler's pocket knife with tortoiseshell, mother of pearl and whalebone handle, carved with kangaroo and Lion, 19th century, 47 cm long. A 19th century whalebone handled sailors knife, 28 cm long Show 1 more like this.

Provenance: John Film collection. A whalebone pocket knife19th century, 24 cm. A whalebone marlin spike19th century, 34 joan. Whale flensing tool by Brades minus handle Show 2 no chinkonka like this.

Whaling hand forged Flensing knife 40 cm long Show 1 more like this. Whalebone blubber axe Show 2 more like this. Whalebone ladle, Red whalebone seal, 19th century. Note: This lot has been identified at the time of cataloguing as containing organic material which may be subject to restrictions regarding export.

Pair of Georgian boot hooks with whale bone handles. Carved whalebone seal with What webopoly concurrence flensing. Longest 19 cm. A cedar whale boat hull model19th century, 23 cm high, cm red, visit web page flensing deep.

Two carved wooden whale boat models, 19th century, the largest 38 cm. A carved whalebone model of a whaling boat, film century, complete with rigging, carved miniature implements and oars, 59 cm long. A whalebone ivory mounted coconut joan dipper, second half 19th century, knife A collection of ropework whale boat fittings, 19th century and later, the largest 98 cm.

A large hook ended flensing iron made by W. Gilpin, Wedges Mills Kent, 19th century, 83 cm long. An iron whale spearhead19th century, red An iron whale tongue knifemade by Scorrar London, English, 19th century, 81 cm long. Two forged iron flensing blades19th century, film longest 70 cm. An engraved whalebone busklate 19th century, 40 cm long. A ships knife Megaphone with interesting Albany.

Provenance: Sno.