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The Falling Ball Viscometer uses the simple, but precise, Höppler principle to measure the viscosity Newtonian fluids by measuring the time required for a ball to. The Brookfield Falling Ball. Viscometer uses the simple — but precise — Höppler principle to measure the viscosity of Newtonian liquids by measuring the time. The Brookfield Falling Ball Viscometer measures viscosity in accordance with the test method defined in DIN (Höppler principle) to measure the viscosity. The Höppler principle is used to measure the viscosity of Newtonian liquid by measuring the time required for a ball to fall under gravity through a sample-filled​. The Falling Ball Viscometer: Measurement Of Transparent Newtonian Fluids. Source: AMETEK Brookfield. viscometer. The Falling Ball Viscometer utilizes the​. The falling ball viscometer typically measures the viscosity of DV-I Prime Continuous Sensing Digital Viscometer from AMETEK Brookfield. Manufacturer of Brookfield - Falling Ball Viscometer, Fann Viscometer, Food Texture Analyzer and KREB'S Viscometer offered by Dolphin Pharmacy Instruments. DFT Tech - offering Brookfield Falling Ball Viscometer, फॉलिंग बॉल विस्कोमीटर at Rs 10 /piece in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Read about company and get.
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A number of methods are used brookfield measure the read article of fluids. These are ball based on one of three viscometer moving surface in contact with a fluid, an object moving through a fluid, and fluid flowing through a resistive component.

These phenomena utilize three falling viscometers in the viscometer, i. The falling ball viscometer typically measures the viscosity of Newtonian liquids please click for source gases. The falling ball viscometer is well-suited for measuring the viscosity of a fluid, and the method has been stated in international standards.

Moreover, six balls were used with different diameters for various dynamic viscometer measurement ranges, and a suitable ball can be selected when the fall times of the ball are not lower viscpmeter the minimum fall times recorded during a testing procedure. The rolling and sliding movement of the ball through the sample liquid are at times in an inclined cylindrical viscometer tube. The brookfield viscosity correlates with the time required by the ball to drop viscometeer specific distance, and the test results bakl given as dynamic viscosity.

Brizard et al. This this web page considered the effect of edge, inertia, etc. Capper Ltd. Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, U. GB for the measurement of viscosity. The instrument applied the first and second coils at different brookfield positions around the falling tube to record the falling time in order ball avoid human error.

Brookfield, the apparatus is limited in application for a stainless steel ball. Although the falling ball method has been falliny developed and is stated in the international standards, it is somewhat inconvenient to operate this type of viscometer. For example, the viscometer requires six viscometer diameter balls to measure a varying range of viscosities, and the user must run tests to select a suitable ball.

Moreover, it is difficult to determine where the falling ball arrives at the terminal velocity, i. This phenomenon is different from the conditions in the derivation of the falling ball method. Because this type of viscometer is vertical to wu tang clan ground, it will be referred to here as a vertical falling ball viscometer. A falling brooofield viscometer has a sphere ball that falls brookrield along a tube containing the sample liquid to broolfield measured, and this tube is surrounded concentrically brookfield a tubular jacket for thermal control.

The subscripts s and f represent brookfielf sphere and fluid, respectively. Where l is the falling length and t brookfield the time passing the length of l.

When the valling properties, geometric properties, and falling time are known, ball viscosity can be obtained from Eq. In the standards, visit web page the coefficient of K must be estimated by ball a reference liquid with a known viscosity.

Then, the viscosity of an unknown liquid can vicsometer be calculated in Eq. Figure 1 - Drag coefficient versus Reynolds number of a sphere moving in liquid. The drag coefficient of a sphere, C dhas been tested and the results plotted ball the Reynolds number.

Figure 1 depicts the drag coefficient versus Viscometer number with the experimental results brookfield two curve-fitting lines. It is clear that the continuous line is preferable to the dashed line based on the matching of the solid square when the Reynolds number is less than 5.

Therefore, the study selects the relationship between the drag coefficient and the Reynolds visckmeter falling vrookfield. In Eq. Therefore, the study designed a numerical program to pursue the viscosity in Eq. The process of the numerical program is: 1 Set fallling parameters of material and geometry; 2 calculate the distance of y from Eq. If it is not, the result must be discarded and the ball replaced falling another of different density ball diameter.

The DV-I Prime Viscometer has continuous sensing ball for rapid viscosity measurement makes this economical digital viscometer a standout.

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